Horizontal scrollbar missing at opening score editor

When you go from the project window select part -> score editor a lot of the times the horizontal scroll bar seems missing, (and there are bars before the beginning of what is visible). Have to re-size the window explicitly first to make it appear

This I couldn’t reproduce, plus I don’t know if you are in Edit or Page mode. Maybe it would be helpful if you create a bug report following this:https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=188766

Well thanks for giving it your best shot and your advice. I made a video for you - I usually describe the reproduction scenario - but I thought this one was too easy not to mis, how foolish of me, sorry for that.
here you go:

Sorry I can’t be of more help, works okay on my system, scroll bar appears.

Well you know what they say “If you consider ‘it works on my machine’ a reference standard, then you won’t be making much money in the software development” Anyway thanks again for trying, I’ll leave it here - nice new platform btw.

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Nobody says that though. I did what I could do to help you troubleshoot a problem with the limited info you gave.

I experiment this issue too on mac. The horizontal scrolling bar (I would say too little) often desappear. I need to reopen the score editor.

Can you confirm @Martin.Jirsak @TheMaestro or @staff

I had tested it when I first came across the post, but as I couldn’t reproduce, I didn’t jump in because the response given by -steve- seemed satisfactory. But ejocvx you didn’t answer if it was in Edit or Page mode, because this is the key.


Open a MIDI part long enough so as not to fit in your score window in Edit Mode.

Result: the horizontal scrollbar is not visible.
Resizing the window, playing, or moving the playhead, beyond the displayed measures, will make the scrollbar appear.

Alright next time I’ll try to be more clear in description as well as in video apparently. Just felt a very negative vibe here. so gave up. (can be wrong though). Thx for conformation @tomateck

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Yes I think you misinterpreted. :slight_smile:
No negativity here. That was not my intention at least.

We are just trying together to refine the reproduction scenario for the behavior you rightly pointed out. Because if some of us cannot reproduce, chances are the developers would not be able either.

Your report was quite fine. If we are not able to reproduce next time, we’ll discuss again. No reason to feel any negative vibes :wink: