Horizontal scrolling in piano roll and Play mode

I have an MX Master 3S mouse with a wheel on the side for horizontal scrolling. I can use this without issue in the notation window of Write and Engrave mode, but in Play Mode (or in the Piano roll view of Write Mode) it doesn’t have the same behavior - it scrolls vertically instead. Also, it would be nice to be able to use it to scroll horizontally when the cursor is over the lower portion of the piano roll, such as when editing dynamics, tempos, etc. I can get the desired behavior there by holding Shift and using the main scroll wheel (on top of the mouse), but it would be nice if the horizontal scroll wheel worked there as well.

I also hope this feature. This horizontal scrolling feature is in Cubase piano roll. There are plenty of mouses which supports horizontal scrolling like Mx ergo, MX Master 2S and G502 Hero.