Horizontal spacing issue

It may be a simple thing to do but since I can’t figure it out…

I’m need to move the fist note of the upper voice to the right but I really cannot (the other 3 notes I can do.)

Please allow me to move noteheads by hand with the mouse
please, please, please…


and it’s sooooo slow after hitting alt-arrow, more or less 4 seconds…

Yes, unfortunately in a very large score these adjustments can be slow, because each adjustment requires a complete calculation of the spacing of at least that system, and sometimes more.

We do certainly want to make it possible to adjust note spacing with the mouse, but we would very likely not be able to show the whole system updating in real time and still track the mouse position smoothly, which is why we have not done this as yet. We would probably end up having to “grey out” the music and show only the handles and column markers themselves during the edit, then “committing” the edit once you finish dragging.

To adjust the offset of the up-stem smaller notehead, first select it in Engrave mode, then set the Voice column index property to 1, which will cause it to jump out to the right. Then use the Voice column spacing offset property (not the Voice column X offset property) to adjust that column leftwards by setting a negative value (around -1 space should suffice).

Thank you for your help !
Fixed now.

I get the issue of refreshing the display…
The postponed commit you describe would be great.