Horizontal spacing of tuplets

Horizontal spacing of tuplets

What about them, Minna?
I think we need a little more specific information.

The tuplets are jammed together; I would like to be able to space them wider apart.

Well, that is more specific, but not enough. If you can’t post a sample project or at least a screenshot, it may take a lot of words to describe the situation. I’ll prompt you with a few questions:

What specific things are actually too close for you? The brackets? The notes? Perhaps you would want wider note spacing generally? Or, a different idea: Perhaps you have inadvertently forced too many bars on a line? This can happen a few different ways.

As you can see, I am just spitballing, trying to guess at what the problem might be. We have to know that in order to suggest an effective solution.

Hi Derrek:

I forgot to tell you that I am using the FREE version of Dorico.
I guess that makes all the difference.

Thanks again.


It doesn’t really make much difference which version of Dorico you’re using, except that with SE and Elements you’re more limited in the sorts of things you can do about it. Even with SE there still are things you can do about it, though.

We can’t currently see what you’re seeing; we have no context. Which tuplets are jammed together? We need to see them to be able to help.

Hi Mark:

I solved the problem of spacing notation by making the measures 3 per stave so that the notation spaces apart.

Thanks for your help.


Hi piano Leo, we solved the problem by cutting down the measures to 3 per stave; this way the notes are spread further apart.

Next time I need help I will post a screen shot.



@Minna_Mansky You might prefer in your SE version to go to the Layout Options (top right menu) and increase the Note Spacing.
This way you give Dorico the chance to show it’s strength, doing the spacing and layout beautifully by itself.

I’d suggest not to fix the number of measures per system.

Hi kb.
Thanks for your help. My friend Glenn who helps me via Discord (screen-sharing software) had me go to the Layout page and choose three measures per stave. This way the spacing is normal, and the notes, especially the triplets have room to spread out normally.


Minna, yes you can do so - as an interim way. But this is not, how Dorico is intended to be used.
Especially if one starts using a new software, one needs someone to help getting the basics right.
This forum is a wonderful place, because you will talk with the people, who are beginning to use the software, heavy users of it, you will even meet the developers of the software personally.
You might want to invite your friend to this place, if he is not yet member of this forum.