Horizontal Spacing

The update works very well for me - thank you!

Just a little question: horizontal spacing of the width of bars is still not possible? See example below.
And I’d like to hide the rests in bar 1 from the 2nd and following beats, This works with alpha->0, I know. But dotted rests (not this example): the rest itself will dissapear this way, but not the dot…

If a new feature is not listed in the comprehensive release notes we have put together, then it’s not included. Something as significant as being able to edit horizontal spacing would certainly warrant at least a mention…

You can’t currently end the one and only remaining voice before the end of a bar: even if you switch on the ‘Ends voice: immediately’ property, Dorico won’t do it, because that would leave the bar with the wrong number of beats. We’ll certainly think about how best we could relax this in future, as of course we are aware that in special circumstances you might want to do it.

Would changing time signature and then hiding it serve as a work-around for the OP’s second concern of ending the final remaining voice early without rests, or are other parts continuing elsewhere in the measure?

I think the problem is that as soon as there is a barline, then Dorico will pad at least one voice with rests to ensure that the bar is complete, so putting a barline directly after the notes would work, but then you can’t hide that barline, so you end up with a barline where you don’t want it. It’s a tricky one as things stand, I’m afraid.