Horizontal Zoom

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know how to keep the last horizontal zoom state after closing and re-openning a project.
Not sure if this is a bug but it annoys me that when I save a project with the zoom level I like to work with, when I reopen the project the zoom level changes and I have to reset it manually :angry:

Please tell me that is possible to save the horizontal zoom level!!


When I close and reopen Cubase or an individual project the zoom state appears to be recalled correctly, certainly not a bug, perhaps some errant setting somewhere.

Same here.

Anybody knows what I can tweak to get the h. zoom set right???

Not really clear now on what you are looking for. Is your project opening with your previous zoom state now?

You might check out Workspaces and Zoom Presets in the manual. Zoom presets gets you a specific amount of time in your zoom, Workspaces contain more, but too much to write about in a forum post.


I like to set the horizontal zoom so I can see 1/4 note increments on the ruler when the time display is set to bars and beats like this:

If I save my project and then reopen it, the ruler displays every four bars (1,5,9) like this:

After messing with it I found that if I save the project while the project window is not maximized, it retains the last saved horizontal zoom.

I hope this makes sense and thanks for helping

It does, and you’re welcome. It also sounds like that behavior is wrong, e.g., buggy. If you’re on Windows maybe it is somehow related to the window resizing issue.

also think about setting up a Key macro for your zooming prefs.

Great idea Discoworx, thanks.

It just annoys me that when I open projects, the ruler is displaying every 4 bars.
I think the workaround is to restore down the project window, then set the horizontal zoom the way I like it, then maximize then save and it will recall the last saved zoom.

Just curious, anybody else can recreate this behavior in windows 7??

Yes, I am having this problem in Win 7 and haven’t figured it out. I am currently working on an 11-song project, and every song file is stuck at the last zoom level that I saved in Cubase 6 before upgrading to 7. So one song opens in 4-bar increments like you mentioned, one of my songs opens in 16-bar increments which is REALLY annoying.

For me the window maximization didn’t fix anything. I ALWAYS run my windows maximized – both the main Cubase window and the actual project view window. I did not have this problem in Cubase 6, so I’m inclined to call it a bug.