Horizontally displaced bar rests


The bar rests are not aligned. See image:

I think this has something to do with the “To Tpt in Eb” to do. Can I solve this somehow, or is it a bug of some kind?
Anteckning 2020-04-05 231712.png

A picture tells 1000 words. A project tells a million. Please attach a project that exhibits this.

Here it is. Have a look at bar 5 and 15. When I stripped down the file to this minimal example, I realized that deleting the time signatures around bar 15 (that I might have used for beaming, I am not sure) fixed the displacement in bar 15. However, bar 5 I could not do anything about.
minimal.zip (790 KB)

I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the key signature displayed when the trumpet player changes to Eb trumpet. If I display the score in concert pitch, the rests align.

The misalignment of the bar rests is due to instruments that don’t show key signatures (e.g. timpani) not respecting the width of the key signature required for the instrument change from B flat to E flat trumpet at bar 5. This obviously isn’t ideal, but I’m not sure on the face of it what we should do about it. The whole point of keyless instruments like timpani is that they don’t show key signature, so they don’t get to know about key signatures on other instruments either.

Aha, thanks a lot for answering. However, with the reservation of me being dense, this does not seem to be the reason. Once I realized that there actually were hidden staves with meters-per-staff later in the minimal example, and deleted those, everything went back to normal. No misalignment, not even in the instruments without key signatures.

The problem appears in any staff that has individual time signatures added. I will try to avoid it, but if I need that, is there any work around for the misalignment?

I think there are two necessary conditions: a keyless instrument and local time signatures, so that Dorico is not looking to the global list of time signatures and key signatures, etc. There’s nothing you can do to cure the misalignment, because you can’t adjust the horizontal positions of rests. This is something we’ll have to take a look at when we get a chance.

Ok, thanks Daniel. No cure for now. Anyway, in my file it does not seem to need the two conditions. One is sufficient:

2020-04-07 130657.png