Horn condensing issue

Hi! I can’t get my horn condensing right.



Hi @GeirSol,

It’s hard to know what to fix if we don’t know what’s broken. What are you hoping to see?

Condensing issues are normally fixed quickly if there is a project attached. Can you do this as well?

Since you have combined your horns to custom condensing groups, you also could (or maybe even should?) check your horns in the left part of the page “Groups to exclude from condensing”.

Good idea. But gives me this:

What are you hoping to see?
It’s now condensed pair 1-3; 2-4
It should be as set in custom condensing group 1-2; 3-4

I can upload a project to admin or pm

Is it not possible to have horns in pitch-order in score setup in Dorico for orchestral work?

It is possible.

I don’t have access to my laptop anymore so there’s no point PM-ing me. Do you have a screenshot in Setup mode of your Horn players and instruments?

Is there something other than what I posted in my first post you’re looking for?

Yes. Sorry if I was unclear.

In Setup mode, open the left zone and then expand the four Horn players and their instruments.

Well it’s there in the second image in first post.

I gave up having the horns in pitch-order. Renamed players to fit Doricos numbering, swapping content of Horn 2 wit horn 3.
(I realized having the horns in pitch-order didn’t work for places that didn’t condense)

No, that was just the Players; I also referred to their Instruments as well. But, if you’ve managed to figure it out another way then it doesn’t really matter.

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