Horn grouping anomaly


For some reason in my condensed orchestral score, Horns 1 and 2 are grouped with the woodwinds for the first two pages of my score, and then, correctly, with the brass forevermore. (There are 4 horns, and 3 and 4 are with the brass the whole time).

I know there must be a quick fix for this - but can’t seem to find it.

You can set custom grouping in the condensing section of layout options. Just make sure the horns are together or with the brass explicitly.

It sounds like you may have inadvertently created a bracketing change at the start of your layout. Make sure View > Signposts > Bracket and Barline Changes is switched on, and look for a signplst labeled accordingly above the top staff of each system. When you find one, delete it.

If that doesn’t help, you know what to do.


BOTH of the above were very helpful, thank you! I DID create a bracket change, and now that’s gone.

I am wondering - is there a need to create player groups for an orchestral score, or are they essentially already there by default?

I rarely find I need to create groups for orchestral scores. Typically Dorico handles that with aplomb.

The main use of groups is when you need a seperately numbered set… think something like a group of offstage auxiliary horns.