Horn in F in F

I’m getting this strange Labeling issue: Horn in F in F (and sometimes with other instruments as well. Please see attached Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 12.43.01 PM )

The only reason why I think something is acting weird is because I created separate players for an extended techniques VST - though I have not added that but I’m not sure why I would be getting this issue. Most curious is that it only happens on some flows and is perfectly fine on others. Thanks as always in advance.

I get this as well sometimes in similar situations though I haven’t noticed it can apply just to one flow. I just rename the instrument so the problem disappears but there is probably a better solution which one of the Setup mode gurus will soon tell us, I’m sure

When you rename it, does it look incorrect in Setup Mode? Mine looks fine on that end.

Could it be that you’ve imported MusicXML or MIDI in? If so, your best bet is to change instrument in Setup mode (yes, back to what the instrument already purports to be). That’ll reset the name back to the default.


That seemed to do the trick. Thanks.

I think, from memory, it was musicXML where I had the problems as well and did something along these lines too. I’ll remember better next time -thanks!

Another option is to open the Edit Instrument Name dialog (like this) and clicking Reset to Default.

This does indeed happen when importing MusicXML files. Dorico imports the name as given in the MusicXML file, but its default layout options also cause the instrument transposition to be added automatically, so if the original instrument name defined in the MusicXML file includes the transposition, it will be shown twice.