Horn in F no Key - omits sharps, but plays them

Ravel: Pavane for Wind Nonet. I made this arrangement in Sibelius. We played it. To test Dorico I imported an xml-file and the final layout became really satisfying. And the playback gave a fine impression of the arrangement (bass sounding an octave too low, and portamento is too staccato - but in next update this should be okayed.)
But I overlooked that the chosen Horns in F -no key - played F# and C# correctly - but the sharps were not written.
I have tried to insert a Horn in F with keys, and the sharps were correctly notated. Copying back to Horn-no-key they disappear again. Strange.
I really like Dorico, and in the future it will be my favorite program - but still I am faster in Sibelius after 15 years use
Looking forward to next update.
Arne Dich
Ravel Pavane Nonet Finis.zip (1.71 MB)

You could try to select the whole score and do Edit>Reset Appearance… :slight_smile:

looking at you file you should also, with everything selected, right-click and do Stem>Remove forced stem …

Thank you very much. Sometimes the greatest problems have the simplest solutions. Just under the nose - or under EDIT.

Stem-directions are in some cases a question of taste - but thanks also for that advice. I forgot the advice I gave my students: investigate all the menues and try them.

I would also suggest doing Ctrl+A to select all and then Edit > Stem > Removed Forced Stems, as particularly when working with transposing instruments, the stem directions from imported MusicXML files can end up a bit wonky (because the stem directions in the MusicXML file assume transposed pitch).

Dear Daniel. Thank you for your many fine advice’s.