Horn Note - Somewhat Dorico Related

My current composition has a fortissimo four-horn chord three measures in and it’s the first time the horns play. The top note is concert pitch C# (C#5)–an octave and a semitone above middle C.

That’s definitely in horn range but Dorico shows it red–out of range. Would it be difficult for most hornists to hit that cold at ff?

I could give that note (or the top two notes to trumpets), but I’d really like the horns to play it.

Since this section of the piece is atonal, I could transpose the chord down a full step, but it would change the effect I’m going for. (Long story why.)


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Is the C# bright red or dark red? Dark red is a caution for less than optimal players while bright red is a more serious warning even for more able performers. Of course there are virtuosi who can coax amazing things out of their instruments.

It appears to be dark red. I did not realize there were two different markings. That’s an excellent feature.

I know a symphony player could play it–but not sure about just hitting it cold without running up to it.

I actually have the horns playing the exact notes of a train horn.

That note should be no problem for any horn player High School Sophomore and above.
This is why I usually have note range colors disabled.

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Excellent, @Craig_F . Thanks!

In Vienna (VSL), you can see the range on the keyboard in the VST and it’s usually reliable for non-virtuosos, but I feel more confident hearing it from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@konradh For what it’s worth, Konrad, I played second horn in the Pomona Concert Band for 12 years (strictly amateur) and that concert C#5 is not at all difficult, especially on a double horn using the B-flat side, where the tubing is shorter and the overtones are further apart than they are on the F side. But it definitely is getting close to the upper limit for most amateur players.



Thanks very much.

If it’s permitted, I’ll drop the YouTube link when this is done.

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