Horn staffs layout

Hey everyone:

I’d like to create two horn staffs, with the layout as attached (capture36). This was created in Sibelius, when I export an xml from Sibelius and import it into Dorico, I get the second picture (capture37). I added horn staffs and tried to rename them, but that doesn’t work.

Any thoughts / suggestions? I asked on Facebook in the dorico group but didn’t really get anywhere.

Aside from the specific layout, what’s the recommended approach about combining two players in one staff - using voices? Is there a clever to do this automatically, as in: create the horns 1 and 2 parts separately, and then they are automatically combined onto one staff? Or that still in the planning for the future?

Hope this makes sense.



The community was told that the big idea was the Dorico was going to, eventually, handle condensation by itself. But that’s in the future. You can sorta kinda do something similar already by cueing both players into a new staff, one upstemmed and one downstemmed, but it’s not perfect.

To be perfectly honest, this is something a bit clunky that makes larger scores a bit painful. Until such features are in place, Staff=Player makes handling condensation and controlling what shows how in a full score a bit cumbersome.

Regarding the staff label, I’ve already replied to you on Facebook.

Good luck!

Thanks Luis!

Maybe I’ll ask John Barron to walk me through how to set up a score with 4 horns in the next “Discover Dorico” session - I just really don’t quite understand the big picture. I’m really slow when it comes to learning Dorico, lol.

Hello, Luis,
I’ve run into the same problem that Peter describes. Would you be willing to post the answer that you gave him (or contact me at davenedwek@hotmail.com is you prefer)?
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