Horn stopped notes


My french horn has happily switched to muted but none of the normal means of doing so will switch it back to open - Open, senza sord, O etc

Help gratefully received!

Dorico 2, Note-performer 3, Mac Pro


Hi, just tried this… I invoked the PT popover and typed O, then selected Open… this produced the O (small circle) in the score… and it worked as expected.

Small confusion, as the + sign is listed for both muted and stopped horn in the technique palette for brass, which indeed are different things, but open (o) should cancel stopped horn, while senza sord. should cancel muted horn. I’ve never seen the + sign used for muted horns…

Of course my heading was incorrect, I was dealing with muted horn not stopped.
Anyway, I found a command that works to unmute the horn - nat. It isn’t what one would expect to use but…
So that is handy to know.

I will now hide ‘nat.’ and add ‘senza sord.’ to the score.

Thanks fratveno.


Dorico 2, Note-performer 3, Mac Pro

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