Horn without tonality/tone specifications

Dear all,

I’m looking for a way to display a horn part in a conductor score transposed in F, however without tonality/tone specifications (so with accidentals every time needed, as it was traditionally the case at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century in horn parts). Any advice to do it in Dorico?

So we agree that rest of the score is edited with tonality/tone specifications (accidentals…)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You can specify an atonal key signature for the Horn part independently. Set your key signature for the rest of the score as desired. Then click on the horn part, Shift-K, type “atonal,” to apply the atonal key to that part only. Use the Alt modifier to specify the key for that staff only.

There is also an option in notation options to display accidentals according to the second Viennese school, but this option applies to entire flows, not individual part layouts.

You could easily show or hide accidentals in the horn part as needed as well, via the properties panel.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but there are several Horn instruments, including

Horn in F (no key signature)
Horn in F (treble clef Part) - which does show a key signature.

I think you want “Horn in F (no key signature)”.

Great, thanks a lot dankreider and Rob Tuley!