Hornet Auto gain plugin

Hi, trying to get Hornet Auto gain to work properly in Cubase 6.5. So far I create a group channel and send all my instruments to it. Then I add the Hornet Autogain plugin on the vocal track. I manage to get that far and have even sidechained correctly, I believe, from the group track. I create an automation track on the vocal track with Hornet Auto gain automation header and arm both the R and W buttons, also selecting WRITE on the Auto gain plug in GUI. I have managed to get it to display that it is writing automation, but when I play it back, it doesn’t seem to affect the volume of the vocal. The slider doesn’t move on the vocal track either. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please list a complete step by step process to make this plug work, it would be appreciated.

I didn’t think you use read and write at the same time, you’re either reading or writing, right?

Guess I don’t understand why you would send everything to a group?

Is there automation in the lane? If so having read on should make it respond.

If you activate write, read mode is automatically selected. In write mode you need to read the actual values for some writing modes.

Culhain, which Autogain version do you use? The volume of you track will not be affected. Only the gain values of autogain will be written and can be re-read.

Hornet has some very useful video tutorials.