Horrendous latency

I just plugged a guitar in to Cubase and created a track using the Line 6 Native plugin. When I hit a chord there is a lot of time between when the chord is struck and when it sounds. I tried lowering the latency by playing with the buffer, lowering it almost as low as it would go but no luck. Then I decided to measure the latency with my oscilloscope.

As far as I can tell there is almost 150ms between the time the chord is struck and when it sounds via Native. It has been some time since I have played guitar in Cubase but I don’t recall having this problem a year or two ago.

Any ideas?

The lower trace is the input signal and the upper is the output from Native.

Without system specs, device info, buffer settings?

Sorry. I should know better by now.

The computer is an iMac running OSX 10.6.14 Mojave. DAW is Cubase 9.5.50. I use a Behringer X32 Compact mixer as my audio device and run the guitar into a Warm Audio WA73 preamp and then to the mixer where it is digitised and forwarded to the Mac by usb.

The buffer setting in Cubase is normally set at 256 but I tried lowering it to 64 without any success.

The only vst’s running in Cubase are Native on the guitar channel and iZotope Ozone Elements on the output channel. Tried shutting off Ozone without any effect on the latency problem.


I’ve never got it down to an acceptable level. I have a UAD Satellite and some great amps but you can’t use it. This is where having something like an Apollo interface would be great because the plug-in is in the interface before it gets recorded.

Of course , that’s more money. I have an Apple Mac Studio on order and I’m hoping because the processor is so fast it might work better.

Sorry, that is no help. Latency is why I still monitor with a Yamaha mixer.

Well now I really am puzzled. I cut out Helix Native from the guitar channel and Ozone from the output channel. Tried again and the latency went down to about 50 ms. Put them back and now the latency is even lower at about 35 ms. Wherever the original latency came from seems to be gone!