horrible sound

Often when playing back the tracks a horrible thunderlike sound somes up for a few seconds

You are going to need to supply a WHOLE BUNCH MORE information before anyone will be able to make even a vague guess about what is happening.

What version of Cubase are you using & what hardware (computer, OS, audio interface) - we encourage folks to put their config info into in their signatures (hint, hint)

Describe how and when this sound occurs. Is this specific to certain track types? What have you already done to try and determine what’s happening. Any other useful info?

using Cubase 10.0.10 Windows 10 , 32 Gb memory, audio interface M-Audio.
It occurs when playing the tracks now and then, suddenly as if thunder breaks loose, cannot detect if it is related to certain track.
Never had this problem in previous versions

i could track it down to an organ played by Halion Sonic SE 3, hopefully it helps :slight_smile:

If you can isolate it to a single track that would simplify debugging. Multiple Projects or only one having a problem. Does it seem to be triggered by midi data or does it happen on its own.

Try reloading your organ preset, maybe some settings got accidentally changed?

i will try that tomorrow, thanks for replying and your time, appreciate it

it was one organ that was corrupt (Lower Manual) , replaced it by another, thanks!