horrible Tech support

I was told by a rep a while back that I can install Halion Sonic and Cubase 8 on my PC and laptop. I tried to do this; however, I am prompted for a new registration key. I emailed support SEVERAL times and no response as to how to get another key or any way in which I may use my software on both of my computers.

I really don’t like not being able to have any support whatsoever.


Just install the software on both computers, connect the USB eLicenser to the computer and you can use the software.


You do realise you can use your software on one machine at a time, not simultaneously?

Edit: I should’ve said, ‘not on two machines simultaneously’.

Ya, one license per session. So you can install it all over the place, but the key must be inserted on the machine you wish to use at that time. Be careful, the dongles are delicate when moved frequently.