Horror Movie sounds - Midsomer murders

Does anyone know what that sound is that is used for the melody?

theremin or theremin (see jimmy page) sound alike , i like when they used to use a hand saw and play it with a bow in some of the really early horror films ,i wonder why high notes with big vibrato is supposed to be scary, i normally laugh at heavy metal singers.

Hi Syncopant,

Here is one I programmed on my (2007) Nord Stage Classic:


And one I programmed on my (1986) Yamaha DX21:


Obviously not the REAL thing, but still acceptable as working Presets.



Wonderfully sh*t sound of saw rubbed with violin bow


Aloha p.

WOW! The Theremin! Have not thought of that for years.

Makes me think of the ‘Beach Boys’ and ‘Good Vibrations’.

Back-n-da-day some keyboards had a sort of ‘ribbon’
built-in as a control device. (perhaps some still do)

Wondering if something like that could be used for this purpose.

Good Luck!