Host Automation via Kontakt 5

Hi! I have Elements 9.5. Using Kontakt 5 in an instrument track I’m trying to automate Sustain (CC64) The relevant control in the Kontakt GUI shows the correct CC parameter when I draw in the autumation (and MIDIOX confirms this), but the Automation lane shows as CC001. Bit by bit I’ve perceived that the mismatch is due to ‘midi automation’ being different to ‘host automation’, but I’m blowed if I can discover how to make the ‘host automation’ CC numbers match those of ‘midi automation’. Am I right in thinking that if I can somehow discover how to do this (can anybody tell me how?) that host automation CC64 WILL automate Sustain, as required?
Thanks in anticipation,

Hi and welcome,

Did you use the track automation or the Key Editor MIDI CC automation, please?