host PC 64 bit, slaves 32 bit -?

Hello music lovers

I am upgrading to a new PC before installing Cubase 6. My setup will then be 2 VST slaves and 1 Gigasampler slave. All slaves are 32 bit.

Can I run 64 bit on the host, running Cubase 6 (and protools 9) on windows 7?

Any experiences will be highly appreciated, also thoughts on yes/no to 64/32 bit discussion.

best, Jorgen

I have Cb6-64bit and PT9 HD3 running (at the same time sometimes) on Win7-64bit. Only prob is getting the VSTs to work on in Cb6 on Win7 - some work with Steinberg bridge, others with JBridge, so there’s a bit of fiddling with this. Also, my PT9 sometimes gives DAE errors and I’ve never managed to track this down! But then I haven’t yet looked very hard. I think it’s probably my choice of mobo from Gigbyte because everthing else is top notch usual stuff.

As for the slaves, I’d say yes. How are you slaving them? Is it simply midi, or are you using something else? I’m actually running Cb5 and PT8LE on my XP machine but I don’t slave them together. Many people have said Cb6 works fine on XP. I don’t know about PT9, not supported but it may work same as for Cb.