Hot Brass Question

Am I correct that Hot Brass isn’t programmed to key switches nor can be used with expression maps for articulations?

The presets have no key switches by default, but you can program them yourself easily by using Halion 6. These key switches can automatically be turned into a expression map.

In both Halion and Halion Sonic, it’s possible to use expression maps with it by loading presets in different channels, but you have to program the expression map manually.

I’ve converted key switches to expression maps for articulations before however I’m not sure how to assign the Hot Brass to keyswitches after loading them to separate channels.

I’ll see if I can find some instructions for doing that.

Thank you!

I still can’t figure this out.

I see you can assign 2 articulations in the edit window of the Hot Brass Instrument L1 and L2.

However I am wondering are 2 articulations the limit for each individual instrument?

Hi James,

The advice from Romantique Tp is correct.

If you use Halion Sonic the only option is to load different presets (articulations) to several slots and then create an expression map manually. But instead of sending note on messages (keyswitches), change the midi channel.

With Halion 6 you can do the same but you can also create a program with keyswitches.

If you alter the script slightly you can make the sample selector load new layers without removing the old ones. Then add a Megatrig module to each layer and set up keyswitches. This method isn’t very straightforward and it breaks some of the functionality. (Sample selector keeps adding new layers instead of swapping them) But you can import the keyswitches into Cubase and create expression map automatically.

I’ve attached examples for both Halion Sonic and Halion 6.
Hot (396 KB)

Thank you very much! I will try this out this evening.

Much appreciated!!! :slight_smile: