Hot key to map for Disable Inserts on Selected Track

I have a controller with 4 mappable buttons and I would like to assign one of them to DISABLE INSERTS ON SELECTED TRACK. Can’t quite find exactly what this should be when choosing CATEGORY and COMMAND. Thanks.

I didn’t know this either. But the Key Commands has a handy search feature that let me quickly find it

Yes the search is there and can be handy, but this is the same I found. This bypasses ALL inserts. I want to only bypass the insert of the SELECTED TRACK. ex: if my GTR buss is selected, I want to bypass insert on just that buss for comparison, etc.

This is available in the PLE. It’s one of the operations in Track Operation.

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Hi, check my link. I hope it’s helpful for you.
Sorry for my english.

I do not think your link worked…

I have never used Project Logical Editor. I’m just trying to map the F2 button on my X Touch One so that it disables/enables the INSERT on selected/highlighted track. For now I will just keep using my mouse up there but a button would be so much better.

Sorry about the confusion.

  1. Create and save this PLE Preset
  2. In Key Commands assign a Keystroke to the Preset
  3. Map your F2 button to this Keystroke

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i made the preset, mapped the saved preset to “/”. problem now is, im in the mackie control edit screen to assign F2 key and I’m not able to find out how to add my slash key as the button?

what specifically do you mean by “mappable” here, what does the controller allow you to set. Do you perhaps need to use the Generic Remote or Mackie Controller in Studio Setup.

What if you assign F2 as the mapped key for the Preset?

It is the x-touch one behringer and it is in cubase (im 10.5 pro) as Mackie Control. when editing the mackie control for anything , there is no option for me to pick a hot key I made for the PLE preset.

OK, it is one of the Remote Devices so you can access the Preset directly. In Studio Setup/Mackie Control for Category select “Process Project Logical Editor” and under “Command” select your newly created Preset.

thanks a lot for all your help. that was actually the very first thing I tried, category PLE and command my custom saved preset. but guess what - my custom saved preset DOES NOT SHOW UP!

OH SNAP!! It worked!! Guess what I was doing wrong! In CATEGORY I was choosing PROCESS LOGICAL PRESET instead of PROCESS PROJECT LOGICAL EDITOR. Now I can see and added my preset. HOWEVER, not quite out of the woods. It does not disable the insert on any active track I move to… it only disabled it on AUDIO 1 track (my ANALOG IN 3 of my RME) I added another audio track and it works on that one too. What it is not working on are INPUTS.

I wonder if it only works on Tracks selected in the Project Window and not the MixConsole. Most of the time that wouldn’t matter if you have the Project & MixConsole selections synced (which is the default). But Inputs & Outputs don’t necessarily have a corresponding Track in the Project Window. So if you select it in the MixConsole the Project Window selection would stay wherever it was.

On your Input try toggling Automation Write on & off (you’ll need to turn Automation Read off too) which will cause the Channel to be visible as a Track in the Project Window.

is it perhaps the arguments that were set when teh PLE preset was made? Is there another way to say “ANY TRACK SELECTED” and BYPASS INSERT on THAT track?