Hot news?

Looks like it !

Looks good!


Family ask me what I want for Christmas, and they look at me a bit askance when I reply, half-jokingly, “a Dorico update.” :nerd:

My wife puts up with it quite patiently, I must say.

Would there be a livestream? I’d love to follow the event if there is one.

Wednesday (28 Dec) John Baron will do this month’s “Discover Dorico.” I expect that will refer to more new features. Some were previewed in last month’s talk.

There is also a Dorico 2.2 discovery session hosted by Yamaha services in Brisbane Australia the following day.

I always wish my wife an exuberant “HAPPY DORICO DAY!!!” whenever there’s a new release. She just smiles and sighs. :laughing:

Well…? :neutral_face:

I think 2.2 will be a free update :slight_smile:

My husband is very patient every time I tell him about newly discovered super features in Dorico (by the way: when I look around in the forum, men, men, men and very few women - looks like scoring is a male passion …)

I am happily waiting for the new update.
Three hoorays for the dorico team and their work and their quick and friendly support in the forum!

While it’s good news that the release of Dorico 2.2 is imminent, if it releases tomorrow (Wed in U.S. Central Time) I will be tied up all day with a medical procedure that will lay me flat for a few days. Hoping it releases today (Tue) early enough for me to install and give it an initial look.

Partitur, I’m afraid you’re right! It hadn’t occurred much to me before, but now that I think of it, you’re only the 2nd or 3rd woman I’ve seen on the forum. I’m glad you’re here!

Totally off topic, but it would be a fascinating study to see if there are differing trends among male/female engravers. I wonder if anyone has ever done a comparative study. If I ever go for a doctorate I know what my dissertation topic will be!

You’d likely get into hot water there. The question of whether there are any differences in temperament and vocational inclinations between men and women is fraught with controversy and strongly-held opinions. :wink:

The new “Bible” for Engravers (“Behind Bars”) was written by a women: Elaine Glould.
(still off topic …)

And while we’re off topic, much of the Dorico “Bible” was written (and continues to be written) by Lillie Harris :slight_smile:

Anyone else regularly pressing refresh on the Dorico downloads page? It does feel like an early Christmas!

I’m subscribed to Scoring Notes blog, which pushes email notifications for new posts. And they’re clearly “in the know,” because when a new update is released, they immediately publish a lengthy and detailed review. That’s how I get notified of these things.

Maybe they are in the select group for beta testing, so they can have a review ready before actual launch (if beta testing for Dorico is still a thing).