Hot Spot Duplicate doesn't duplicate: variable tempo project

In variable tempo projects, the duplicated audio is different from the source audio when generated using the Hot Spot technique (click-hold-drag the audio from the right middle edge).


  1. new project, new audio track, new tempo track, ruler set to Time Linear (seconds)
  2. set tempo at bar 1 to 60, set tempo at bar 2 and subsequent to 240
  3. record one bar of sound.
  4. Grab the middle right hot spot and drag right so it is duplicated once.

100% Reproducible Results:
*** The duplicated audio is incomplete, a portion is cut off at the end and not played.

Less than 100% Reproducible, but not infrequent Results:
*** Some of the displayed duplicated audio is not played, even though audio is visible and the play cursor travels across it (I found this to happen with a drum loop as the source audio).

Thanks to folks who helped me troubleshoot and refine this in the main forum.