"Hot Swap" samples in the Sampler

Press a button to live swap samples in the sampler. Like ableton live sampler so you can cycle through samples while playing back.

Can do this in Groove Agent SE, be nice to do in the browser directly as well!

I was trying to replace my kick drum today in a track and realised this was not possible. Worse than that, dragging and dropping a file into the sampler to audition it also copies it to the project folder. So if you’re trying out 20 kicks, it’s a huge mess.

Really would love to see this!


This would be a massive improvement to the sampler.

Hi… Tried this. Good to know that Remove Unused Media will trash these unused “auditioned” files. So yes it is an extra step but will clean up the mess :slight_smile:

You probably missed but it was possible in versions prior 10.5.20, and it worked remarkably well, however Steinberg decide to remove this hidden feature without any logical explanation. I am still on version 10.5.12 because of this and it’s already deeply integrated into my workflow since cubase8…

Here is the thing: Nice trick while browsing and replacing sounds through mediabay on sampler track or groove agent