Hotfixes from Steinberg once a month

3 click on folders in the right zone media browser should have been fixed immediately after the last update. Hotfix within three days, at most, a week.

Just reformatted my PC so this version of Cubase is frozen in time in a clean-install backup I just did… Would have much rather backed up a stable version of C10, and also not need to have both C9.5 and C10 on the backup. Steinberg maybe doesn’t think about these types of logistics their users contend with.

But hey, I have audio auto align feature backed up at least.

Three days? Some bugs take 10 years to get fixed, other will never get fixed.

Yes 3 days, pay the staff overtime to work through the night

Has Cubase 10 (or any other version )got a way to send off diagnostic files/crash reports to send off to Steinberg?

Just a thought,as this may help them identify bugs and issues.Of course I realise that the whole process of problem solving is huge and time consuming

I would love to see this implemented as an addition to the regular (quasi) quarterly updates. Even if just one bug got fixed a month it would be a huge improvment on the current pace! :wink:



Been asking for this since Steinberg adopted the x.x.xx version number format. So I suppose it can’t hurt to continue to request for timely fixes. Even more often than once per month.

Regards. :sunglasses: