Hotkey (or similar) for changing note heads in Dorico Elements

When writing walking bass lines, I periodically adds a ghost-note here and there, typically once every four bars or so.

I currently right-click the note, and enter a three level deep context menu to select the cross note head, which is cumbersome, and annoying when I sometimes have to do it a few times in a row, because I accidentally close the menu, by moving the mouse outside it.

Can the cross-head be hotkeyed in Dorico Elements?

I don’t think Elements is the issue. Have you tried using keystrokes to access the menu, or set up a macro?

I don’t know if Elements has the same menu structure, but on mine, it’s

up arrow (x14)
right arrow
then whatever navigation to get your preferred notehead

You could easily write a macro script that turns a single key command into that sequence of keystrokes.

You can’t yet assign a key command to a specific notehead type, but this is something we plan to add in future. You can use a third-party macro program to do it in the meantime, I think.

Thanks for the response, I will look into that.