Hotkey to turn "follow cursor" on or off?

A lot of times I wanna just do edits (usually in MIDI) while the song is playing…and not necessarily right where the cursor is.

Isn’t there a way to turn “follow cursor” on or off? It always jumps back to where the cursor is when Im trying to do some edits on a part that is COMING UP lol.

Make sense? Look in Key Commands and scrolled thru all of the “cursor” commands but couldnt find anything.

tis it not F ?

LOL I use F for something else these days…might have been by default.

Do u know what the key command is called specifically? I would think it would be called “follow cursor” but nothing like that comes up.


Autoscroll :slight_smile:

Yes, “F” is in default: Follow the cursor On/Of.