Hotkeys, no mouse (optimizing work speed and ergonomics)

Hi, recent Sibelius user moving to dorico for work flow benefits of notating virtual orchestrations. I have a couple peeves and suggestions, perhaps already solved and I am not aware:

Hot keys navigation and customization (aka no mouse):
While dorico does a decent job of hotkeys there are problems in at least two interfaces.

  1. the playback interface
  2. expression maps/playing or playback techniques
  3. lower tool bar

I notice some of the tools reveal hotkeys when a mouse is hovering over the selection, this would be very helpful in both of these interfaces because many repetitive actions of going between instruments or creating keyswitches or channels or routings with expression maps etc. etc. has to be done. Efficiency of this would be ergonomic and times saving, and shouldn’t be hard to implement I imagine? Copying a certain instruction over multiple elements–e.g. absolute channel 2 over multiple techniques-- would be helpful too. Switching between instruments in the lower tool bar would be very helpful with a hotkey also, to keep verifying the expression maps are working properly.

The best navigation and ease of input is the notation process I’ve found which is great but these other parts need customization options at the very least for hotkeys. I don’t want to click my mouse to edit music please haha.

I have other thoughts about expression maps etc. I’ll write in another thread.


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Welcome Joel! Are you aware of the jump bar and its related capabilities?

I use the j bar, it works pretty well but it is still limited and does not go far enough. Maybe I don’t understand the j bars full functionality but just trying it I couldn’t figure out how to avoid using a mouse in the way I describe.

Cool… the Jump bar is pretty much unlimited though, as it is designed for you to extend it in just about any way that you wish either with either existing commands or to make up your own. I am not pushing you to agree or anything, but just wanted make sure you were aware of its capabilities.

I feel like the software has a reached an amount of functionality where there are just not enough keys for everything you might want to do, and I think the bar is a great answer to have sets of them for your own different purposes.

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I’ll look at the manual and see if I can find what I’m looking for. The jump bar does great for what I’ve seen but is not enough for what it can and should be. Once again maybe I don’t understand it’s full functionality.

Let me help :slight_smile: here’s the most relevant page in the manual for the jump bar.

The issue with not all buttons in the interface showing tooltips is known, you can search the forum for more fulsome explanations but suffice to say there are reasons for it for the time being.

Regarding your point that there are not enough keys for all the functionality required by modern software: the solution taken by, for example, Microsoft Visual Code, is to allow hotkeys/shortcuts to be defined by context. So in Cubase, one might assign keys to different functions depending on the view – be it top-, bottom-, left-, or right-panel, MIDI editor, audio editor…etc.

I looked at the manual and the jump bar does not solve navigating the play interface or the expression menus in the way I describe in the first post from what I can tell. To repeat again, it would be very helpful if there was a pop up dialogue that showed a hotkey for navigating the play interface (routing, vsts, instruments, and lower toolbar) and also the expression menus. Even a retrospective action like a mouse click could be mapped to some arbitrary key and named in the jump bar for example.

I see what you mean - at least somewhat, as I don’t presume to have tried exactly the same things. There seem to be a good bit of commands for the Play tab, and you can bring up the expression maps dialog (for example). But neither the bar nor scripts seems to let you do much else once a dialog comes up. Like say you want a key where you always want to assign legato patches to channel 3 for a certain library. Hopefully I don’t do that too often, but I get it.

Can stream deck help here?

And I would like to know if there is a faster way to bring up the assigned VST for say first violin, instead of going to the play tab, scrolling down and clicking the “e” Is there a better way?

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We do plan to add the ability to access the different panels in the lower zone by way of key commands in due course, we’ve just not managed to get that to the top of the backlog for implementation just yet.