Hotrod your MC Control or Mix?

Has anyone here ever tried “hotrodding” their Artist Series hardware? I was thinking specifically of the faders. How much trouble woud it be to install upgraded quality faders that would (hopefully) give a smoother performance and maybe even calibrate properly.

Anyone here ever consider that and/or research that option? :bulb:

I used to follow discussions on a couple of DIY forums on building controllers. Some did pretty nice work actually. Anyway, from what I recall there’s a fair amount that goes into building them including what signal they’re fed, or conversely since you’re talking about swapping faders; how they respond to incoming electrical signals.

So there’s that and then there’s just the physical dimensions of them as far as mounting goes.

All of which is just to say “I have no idea”. I guess that wasn’t very helpful… sorry…

Maybe check on groupdiy’s forum, and then there’s a forum for “midibox” which has a section for controllers. Possibly also check official forums for people who replaced faders that malfunctioned - perhaps they upgraded in the process or switched models or whatnot…

As always, thanks so much for your reply. I posted this same question on the Avid Forum. But you know how things go over there. It may be months before I get a reply.

I’ve seen multiple videos on YouTube regarding Mix repairs, that’s why I THOUGHT it might be possible. Now whether it’s worth the cost is another concern. But I needed to determine if it was at least doable first. The roll out on the S1 clearly isn’t going well. There are lots of complaints about old issues still being current issues, dropping connection, sluggish response times and now fader calibration. They don’t line up even to PT, for which the new controller was designed!

I’ve complained about this and the knobs calibration on my MC/Mixs. It’s off from the Nuendo readings +/- 0.01 or 2. :angry: In any case, as there is no longer any motivation to switch to the S1, I wondered if I might be able to ACTUALLY UPGRADE my existing rigg. I’ll keep you posted it it becomes viable.

I got a reply from Avid.

Yeah, that’s roughly what I expected them to say.

I think there was an issue with perhaps the Behringer X-touch upon release, could have been a different unit… where the faders were very jittery. They would overshoot the destination, switch direction and overshoot again, and so on until they finally settled. Of course it took less than a second, but it was audible and annoying. So if memory serves me someone hacked that and rewrote the drivers to gradually lower the speed of the fader as it reached close to its destination and thus preventing overshoot.

So I think it’s those kinds of issues that pop up that end up being hard to solve. I’d imagine it has to do with how strong the motors are and how fast the travel is… perhaps conductivity to trigger touch… etc.

Bummer, wish there was an easy way to do it… cheaply…

Thanks for asking btw!