Houston controller WIN7 Drivers

To whom it may concern,

I’m registered user of Cubase from 2010 and also owner of a Houston controller. This message I’m sending you here is to know about why you have drop the support for the Houston controller and not provide the new operating systems drivers?? All my new software is designed to run on Windows 7, but I can’t use the controller because your company had decide to drop the support to provide new drivers for this machine.

I know you will be thinking that why I’m telling you this when in the forums already is there the message that you drop the support for legacy devices and in fact I’m already check not only in your forum, but all my capabilities trough internet to find a solution.
My request here is for you to produce new Windows 7 drivers for the Houston controller due that there is a big community of Houston users and we deserve & have the rights to still using our machines on new operating systems and you as a trust able company to provide us with the right drivers, even if is not in your marketing strategy plans. It’s our rights as users and you need to listen to us and provide this drivers.

I have spend quite significant money buying your products and this action to drop support on the machine only embarrass your reputation and image very much in front of us, so please listen to us, the users, and give us a good driver solution to our Houston machines for the new operating systems as you suppose to do.
It’s sad that as a user I have to send you this message to tell you to do something that you suppose to have covered from very long time ago.

I will look forward to your reply and hope that you can rethink your strategy and provide us with the tools to keep been Steinberg users in the future.

With all my respect.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards.

Coco Ariaz

FYI…I’m using my Houston controller with a standard 5 pin set of MIDI cables and Win 7 64bit

I’m using my Houston via MIDI through a MOTU Micro Express box and it works perfectly. I’m providing this as info for other Houston users who use Cubase and a Steinberg interface without 5-pin MIDI ins and outs. I use the UR824.