Houston no longer on list of devices in Studio Setup

Just upgraded to 11 from 10.5 today.

Steinberg Houston is no longer on the list of devices in studio setup!
It’s been in the list right up to and including 10.5
It integrated perfectly and I use it constantly. Any ideas or thoughts on how to get it working? Otherwise I’ll just have to revert to working in 10.5!

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I’m afraid this is not possible.

why is it not possible?it works with all previous versions of cubase.


I mean it’s not possible to use Houston from an older Cubase version.

Some old HW controllers have been removed from Cubase. Houston is not the only one.

Martin what else has been (quietly!) removed ?


When I compare Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 11 lists, I can see these are missing:

  • Radical Technologies (SAC-2K)
  • Roland MCR8
  • Steinberg Houston
  • Tascam US428

Wonder if it’s because they are redoing the MIDI protocols, maybe it will be re-added later or with the new API, someone in the community can create.

I have just received the official confirmation from Steinberg Support that the Steinberg Houston Controller is no longer supported by Cubase 11.

That shows once again Steinbergs cynical and disgusting behavior also towards our environment. At first they let us throw away working audio interfaces by not releasing drivers anymore, and now this even less understandable move.
Steinberg has absolutely no morals left anymore. Filthy and disgusting company.

I have some semi-good news for those of you that might have a Frontier Design Alpha Track and/or Tranzport laying around. I dusted mine off a few minutes ago and they both work perfectly with Cubase Pro 11. The drivers are still readily available on the Frontier Design site, just remember to install them in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode with Administrator Privileges. Once you have done that, you need to replace the Alpha Track and/or Tranzport dll file in the Components folder of Cubase 11 with the AlphaTrackCN64.dll and/or the TrazportCN64.dll file.

Also, if you happen to have both of these units, you can use them simultaneously with Cubase Pro 11. It’s not the Houston, but they work very well.

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Yep - I’ve been using my Tranzport with every version of cubase/nuendo since 2007 :slight_smile:


i cant understand why theyd drop it from there lists…yes its old yes its technically unsupported but it works and works better than any controller out there…
i asked steinberg for help but not had a reply yet but im still hoping theres a work around because its connected via midi cables not usb.usb only works with windows xp or win 7 so since i updated to win 10 ive had to use the midi ports on the controller.

My guess is, because they are changing the MIDI protocols, developing new MIDI API, implementing MIDI 2.0, etc, etc… They don’t want to spend resources/time on re-implementing a piece of hardware that is so old, not supported by current Windows 10 OS/previous OS’ discontinued.

Just makes business sense, they’d probably spend more money re-implementing that stuff than they will lose profit losing customers who quit Cubase because their Houston doesn’t work which probably isn’t that many people (who have Houston or who would leave Cubase because of it).

That being said, if it is MIDI, you could still utilize it?

Just got two replies from Steinberg Support

“Unfortunately, since Cubase 11 the Houston Controller is no longer supported. The latest driver was for Windows XP and the device is just too old”.


“Unfortunately, there is no workaround to bring back the Houston support to Cubase Pro 11”.

For me, this is a disaster!
I would pay for this to be re-instated or for a technically-minded individual to create some kind of a hack work-around.

yep i got same email response …im guessing theyve dropped support and they will have a new range of controllers coming out in the future…im hoping though some bright spark will do a hack so its posible i really love my houston its been rock solid and never failed in over 15 years off use so id still like to use it if i can.

time to set some bigger goals and get Nuage!

yall maybe want to try this


its a go between software that allows midi controllers to work with daws

it might work for the houston

I discovered it years ago since we had a control 24 and it makes it work with all or most daw

I got a Houston in the closet that I been meaning to connect but never used it since I no longer have a midi interface and all midi is with usb now

but now seeing its not supported by 11 I might try the free version of v-control to see if it links up

That is really a shame. I paid for C11 five minutes ago. Had I known that Houston was not supported I never would have “upgraded”. Does this go into the Steinberg heap next to the Midex 8?
What is the alternative?

it technically hasn’t been supported since Windows XP if I’m not mistaken, the person who coded the drivers might not even be a Steinberg employee anymore…

It works (Houston) perfectly fine with C10.5
Yamaha Nuage Control section $12k US.