houston we have a problem

hi guys
i have recently been given a houston controller,ive download the drivers but cant open them to put on my other computer,also when i switch the houston on the lcd flashs constantly.any help would be appreicated

The flashing doesn’t seem normal. Is the houston flashing even if you don’t plug the USB cable?
After I upgraded to Win& 64Bit, I gave up the USB connection and provided a dedicated MIDI In and MIDI Out connection to Houston. It seems to work fine like that.

Until this day, Houston has one of the nicest and most comprehensive integrations with Cubase and Nuendo!


I had the same problem with my Houston - it is caused by oxidation on the ribbon cable connectors and it is easily fixed.
Remove the screws from the bottom and back of the unit so you can remove the bottom panel. Once off, you will see several ribbon cables connecting the various circuit boards to each other. The metallic connections on the ends of these ribbons get oxidized over time and then short out. Gently pull each ribbon cable out of its socket, spray with a good electrical contact cleaner and then re-plug the ribbon cable a couple of times. Once you have done all of them, flip the unit over and power it on - it should boot up just fine. If it does, then re-assemble the bottom panel and you’re good to go for another several years!

Hope this helps!

Aloha and WOW!

What great info J.

We have a lot of moisture in the air here in Hawaii so
I have had this thing sitting here (and not working) for years now
and I did not know why.

After reading your post I got it working just fine now and
I just sold it! Yea!

A win win win for everyone involved.

A Major Mahalo to you. Sending MUCH ALOHA!

I love this board. Some very clever minds hang out here and you are one of them.