Houston Windows 7/10 Custom Drivers [Request]

Hi guys,

I have an old “Steinberg Houston”-DAW Controller and I want to use it on Windows 7/Windows 10 with USB. Someone told me, that custom usermade Drivers exist. Do you know, where I can find them or where I can buy them?

Not sure about custom drivers but it works fine for me on Win 10 via midi interface.

How did you make it work properly? Mine is working as well on Windows 10 and Cubase 9.5 but the Motorfaders does`nt work and the lights below also .
All functions seems to work except for the Motorfaders and the Lights. The LCD Panel and the Pan Potis have light only the rest not. Its now hooked up via midi on an Steinberg UR 44. Do you have a Tip or helpfull advice for me? Thank you very much!

In cubase goto studio and then setup and click the + to add a midi controller and add a houston and then on the houston page under generic controllers set midi input and output and then everything should work with the next project you load. Hope that helps.

Really grateful for the tip d0gmA. Mine has been sitting there doing nowt but looking cool on the desk for far longer (a few Cubase version updates!) than I would care to admit, but now I’m back in business; faders slidin’, lights flashin’. Thanks man!