How 2? Input Transformer Globally Filter Out Prog Changes

Same issue, but I want a different solution.

Could someone help me with the Input Transformer, please?

I want to globally filter out all program changes.

I tried Type/ Equal/ Program Change, and
" / Unequal/ "

Without success.

Also, is there a library of presets for the Input Transformer and Logical Editor around the web somewhere?



The suggestion given of using the List Editor in that forum link was good, and it’s faster too. But if you really want to do it via the Logical Editor (I don’t know how to do this with the Input Transformer as it doesn’t have an “Apply” button like the Logical Editor does), then type the following:

“(Type Is / Equal / Program Change)”

Leave the bottom part empty. Now click the “Transform” button (next to “Function”) and set it to “Delete”. Press “Apply”. Done!


TY Jose … and I can see why you would say that opening the list editor is faster.

But I don’t want to delete the data from the midi file, I just want to filter part of what is sent to the instrument. That’s where the input transformer comes in handy.

Well, you are coming up with the same ‘logic’ that I did. Must be something else I’m doing wrong … and it’s not that I didn’t turn on the little blue light in the module!


Using the transformer midi insert is non destructive way of filtering but has to be done on a track by track basis.

( Type is Equal Program Change


Yes, as Hippo says, you have to activate the Input Transformer on each MIDI track concerned. But, at least, if you make your settings in the “Global” Input Transformer (rather than “Local”) you need set it up only the one time.

Hmm, I’m not an expert here but I thought the ‘Input Transformer’ only operated on Midi that comes into a midi channel from a midi port, didn’t think it acted on the data being played by the midi channel. So, to filter out midi in a track (which is going to an instrument) you need to add a Midi Insert, and Hippo is suggesting the transformer plugin. Different from the Input Transformer I think, could be wrong, it’d be nice to know for sure.

But I personally use the list editor to delete rogue midi events - on the basis that this then reduces the CPU load.


Looks like my logic (Type is/equal/ program change) is fine, but my application is erroneous!

I think you’ve set me on the right path. The manual isn’t explicit about this, but it says the input transformer “allows you to filter out and change MIDI data coming to a MIDI track before it is recorded.” (pg. 450).

This must mean, as you’ve pointed out, that it will not affect the playback of the recorded track.

FWIW, I can’t really imagine that a midi insert is that taxing on CPU cycles. As I’d prefer to do this non-destructively, I don’t think a transformer insert will be any more … and probably less … time consuming than using the list edior.

Thanks all,


Yeah, it’s seems strange that the input transformer is tied exclusively to the recorded input…

It’s each to his on filtering out or deleting. My reason for deleting is that I tend to get quite a lot of aftertouch from my keyboards with normal playing yet I’m usually playing a sound which doesn’t need it, so I delete it. And that’s because over the years I’ve had trouble with large amounts of clustered midi data like aftertouch or pitch bend tripping things up and causing oddities (like dropped notes, hanging notes, spurious control changes or just slack timing). I really should use the input transformer but I still delete things manually!