How 2 manually set hitpoints + make groove/tempo track?

Hi all,

now this is frustrating. I got a mastering project from my friend cause he was in studio and now he asked me to do cellos and violins + bass guitar to that song. Well, the problem is that he didn’t play the song in the studio with a metronome!! And now it’s nearly impossible to make “groove” (whatever that is…) or tempo track so that it would be easy to do the MIDI notes for orchestration. THIS SUCKS!

So, I have tried the hit-points detection. Doesn’t work ===> detects only some very arbitrary and off-beat positions.

I have tried tempo-detection. Doesn’t work either - the same reason than above.

So I thought that I would just hit play and add ALL the hitpoints manually. It will only take 5 mins so that’s no problem. And then I would make a groove or tempo track or whatever based on those manually inserted hitpoints.

But the big question is: HOW DO I DO IT WITH CUBASE 6??? Inserting the markers is easy by hitting “insert” key, but how can I make a groove out of those? Or is there a way to insert hitpoints manually?

PLEASE HELP !!! I have good relations to the upstairs guy so I’ll send you angels. I really hope that someone could help - with a REAL solution. I’m not willing to adjust every single hitpoint with a mouse.



Watch the Warp videos, here;

“Merge tempo from tapping”

I’m sorry… can you be more specific?? I’ve heard about that but if you mean that I would have to make a CONSTANT tempo by tapping then that’s not a solution; the tempo VARIES between 123-147 and I want to have a DYNAMIC tempo track based on the markers or hitpoints that I can manually set and set them EASILY.

But if this is how it’s done then ok, but a constant tempo doesn’t solve anything. But where the hell can I find that function anyway? Please help. Thanks.

No, I don’t wanna warp anything. I just wanna have hitpoints based on my manually set positions and wish to know how can I do that. I DON’T want to touch the original audio in anyway. I DON’T want to quantize it - I just wanna make a tempo track BASED on the current recording.

No it doesn´t mean a constant tempo. It means you tap the varying tempo of the audio file (either by hand, or by audio to MIDI conversion Plugins, or whatever C6 has as new toys in this departement.) for example in quarter notes, the merge the (varing) tempo from your tapped MIDI track. More info ITFM.

You should really first check tips you get, read about things or check the videos. Timewarp also does exactly what you want - make a tempo track based on the current recording…

OK, then it might solve the problem. Or actually will. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Watch the vids.