How about a consolidated "what steinberg will add" thread concerning Midi-Remote?

Hi all,
the new midi remote editor and scripting thing is obviously one new killer feature of Cubase. I love it!
In contrast to former new features of this kind (I am thinking of the custom panel editor… midi devices…) this time there is firstly a much better and well thought solution and secondly - which really really makes me happy - there is a great involvement of Steinberg in the related forum discussions! Jochen Trappe is doing an excellent job there!
In various threads there are hints what will be included/improved in a maintenance release… so how about having a dedicated thread that just contains information from Steinberg what they are about to consider!
Just an idea to avoid multiple requests for things that will be there anyways in a near release.
THX, Ernst

PS.: as a side remark: I still see a HUGE relationship between the midi remote editor and the “midi devices” thing. A huge option imho to bring this old feature forward.