How about a monthly challenge?

Maybe Steinberg could issue a little prize (such as: EUR 30,- rebate voucher or something) monthly for the winner of an everchanging challenge?

Such as:

  • Create a cool piece of music using one old reissued VSTi plugin only (Model E comes to mind here)
  • Create a cool piece of music using only samples from your kitchen appliances and tools
  • Create a cool piece of music using only the noise oscillator (+ filter, lfos, envelopes) in a synthesizer


The more of a challenge, the better.

Would not cost much, but would be a win - win for all those involved.

Yes please :slight_smile:
You know you can do this without the prizes as well.

yer my missus aint got a bad voice :laughing:

don`t know if steinberg would issue any prize ,they might Ban you for having a good time though.

I think bug fixing is enough of a monthly challenge for Steinberg ATM, and I’d prefer they concentrate on that FTTB. :wink:


She isn’t on here I imagine :wink:

Ahh, so now weez talkin’ 'bout wimens; I’ve heard it called many things, but never the “monthly challenge”! :laughing:

Sounds quite appropriate :laughing:

she`s in the kitchen.making kitchen noises.

Actually I would also be up for a group effort. Can’t a few of us simply agree on what to use and share a Cubase project via Dropbox? :slight_smile:

whats dropbox ?

an online storage application (free 2 GB account). It comes with a bit of software that makes your online folder available offline, so you can use it like any other folder on your PC, and any changes you make to it are reflected in the online folder. You can share folders too, so if someone adds/deletes files this is changed in your local folder too. Works great, we use it a lot for university collaborations. Note that if you want to work in the same file at the same time you should take some care. Dropbox usually creates conflicted copies when this happens, which you have to merge manually. That would be a problem with Cubase projects probably.

uumm sounds like something for a second comp and not on your DAW , anyway what ever happened to carrier pigeons ,who shot them all ?

I havent had any issues with Dropbox on my daw. Clients asked for it and I’ve found its a convenient way to exchange roughs and finals

D i c k Dastardly

…though it was somthing the cat uses… :confused: