How about making Sequel Pro?

Hi all,

I’d like to make a suggestion about making a pro version of Sequel.

When I heard a new version of Sequel had been released, I instantly downloaded the demo, as I was curious to see what had changed from Sequel 2, as things looked a lot better now that VST support had been added. What I didn’t expect was that Sequel 3 would be so addictive that I couldn’t put it down, and by the time I did, it would be 3AM the next morning! :open_mouth:

I’ve always thought of Sequel as a very basic beginners program, but it seems I was wrong. It’s far better than I ever imagined it would be and if some of the following areas were addressed, I think it would become the next must-have music making app for any serious dance artist, remixer, beat maker or live performer.


  1. ONLY 48 AUDIO TRACKS - Change this to either 64 or unlimited.
  2. ONLY 24 INSTRUMENT TRACKS - Change to either 32 or unlimited.
  3. ONLY 16 EFFECTS - Again, this limitation should be removed.
  4. Add VariAudio - Sequel’s the perfect app for this kind of audio editing, it really needs it.
  5. Add LoopMash 2 - Again, Sequel could really benefit from having this addition for remixing.
  6. Add VST 2.4 Plugin Support - essential really, as the VST3 plugin format is still quite new.
  7. Add support for Versions in Mac OSX Lion - a real time saver!
  8. Add support for Full Screen App mode in Mac OS X Lion - Sequel needs to be full screen on a Mac too!
  9. Add Multitrack audio quantise - Quicker than having to address each track individually.
  10. Add Step Designer - Could be a nice addition, though maybe not essential?
  11. Add Pitch Correction Plugin - Great for when you don’t need the detailed editing of VariAudio.
  12. Add Channel Batch Export - Great for creating stems for remixes and pro mixing apps.
  13. Make it a 64bit app - Far better to be able to access more memory than not.
  14. Lose the GarageBand-style side panel (end cheeks) - They wouldn’t look too good on a pro app!

Now, the first thing I’m waiting for is for someone to say “Why don’t you just buy Cubase?”, but if you’ve actually used both (and I’ve used Cubase since v2.0 on the Atari ST), you’d already know that the workflow is really quite different and that Cubase is not ‘Sequel Pro’! It’s now my deepest wish that Steinberg realise this and see that people who buy Sequel are faced with a bit of a dead end when it comes to upgrading, especially if you want to keep all the things you love about Sequels super fast workflow in-tact.

IMHO, Sequel is going to waste (as well as being incorrectly mis-marketed) as an entry-level music program for beginners. It’s so much more than that and I personally regret missing out on it for the last four years because I thought that’s all it was. Anyone reading this who hasn’t tried the demo, I strongly urge you to do so, as you’ll be in for a real surprise.

So, how about it Steinberg? Food for thought?

Oh, and yes… I have bought Sequel 3… just as soon as I’d had a few hours sleep from playing with the demo! :wink:

Good ideas!! I also think a score editor would be a nice addition. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

Not quite sure about adding a score editor though, as for those using Sequel mainly for dance music, remixing and live performance, it might be low on the agenda (this is where people would still pick Cubase in preference), but I could be totally wrong (and possibly biased) as I can’t read notation!

I know the market for Sequel Pro may seem small, as another German soft are manufacturer has market dominance with its ‘Live’ performance software, but isn’t it about time it had a challenger to the throne? I think it is and if there were ever to be a professional version of Sequel, it would be no contest in my book!


I tried the Sequel 3 Demo and I was pretty impressed. I own Sequel 2 but don’t use it much but 3 is pretty nice. Having said that…

While I’m sure Sequel will always progress forward as the version numbers increase it needs way more than those thing to appeal to anyone who regularly uses a higher level pro workstation so if they start adding pro feature to Sequel they’d kinda be stepping on their own toes, Cubase Essential and all that.

The only thing they really need to do is (imo) move their other products to a more unified interface like that which I suspect will happen eventually anyway.

But Sequel 3 is pretty cool but way too limited for any really serious work. Add all the things you listed and it would still be severely limited. But it’s supposed to be limited so they can sell Cubase. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I tossed all of the music tracks from one of the demos and did a new one just to play around with it… it was fun…

I had bought Sequel 2 a few years back and by the current level of evolution, it’s sound sets live in my Cubase 7 SSDrive but I don’t think I have used it in at least 3 years.