How About Some Positive Feedback?

I’m new to Cubasis 3. I’ve used most of the other iOS DAW’s extensively. I’ve been using CB3 for the past 2 days transferring and polishing projects from another DAW. I’ve had a few minor issues, the majority of which were because of my lack of experience with how some features are implemented. That’s on me of course. No crashes. Not one. I’m getting things done smoothly and quickly in a way I haven’t done with other DAW’s. So I’m pretty pleased with Cubasis 3 and will be using it exclusively henceforth. Thanks Steinberg!

Thanks for the positive feedback, synth-guy.
Glad to read this.

Enjoy using Cubasis 3
& please stay safe,

I have committed a lot to Steinberg products… from the days of Atari then to Mac via Windows. Multiple interfaces ( audio and MIDI ) … Cubase, Wavelab and Nuendo. I’ve communicated with support via fax, email and several iterations of these forums …

This group for Cubasis is by far the most responsive and useful resource ever, as far as SB is concerned. Development on the iPad has been regular and thoughtful as well. Lars is huge part of that, helping us understand what the priories are and managing expectations. Hats off sir!

Obviously Cubasis isn’t the powerhouse that Cubase or Nuendo is … yet. :wink:) But in terms of product management it is way ahead of its brethren. The flagship products feel stuck in a rut of 'give us $200- $400 per year for a digit increment a new EQ and some bug fixes. Extra bugs thrown in for free. Very little communication. None actually. ( small retraction - the WaveLab developer is very responsive… but I haven’t used the product for years now ).

What we get here for a $50 app is amazing. I love it.