how am I supposed to install 6.51 pre-release?

I once updated to 6.50

Now, I downloaded the 6.51 pre-release updater (.msp), but, when launched, it says the version I have installed doesn’t fit, or something similar. I may search the proper .msi, but, when I point it to the 6.50 .msi, it says it’s the wrong version…

How do people install the 6.51 updater?


nearly 40 reads and no one had issues installing the 6.51 updater?

I may search the proper .msi, but, when I point it to the 6.50 .msi, it says it’s the wrong version

I haven’t tried the update but my understanding is that the msi is only an installer so is not what you would update…doesn’t it let you point to the cubase exe which is what needs updating??

Otherwise, are you sure you downloaded the correct 32 or 64 bit version & if you have both installed are pointing to the correct install?

maybe I did something wrong?

I update to 6.5.0 weeks ago. I updated my x64 installation correctly, everything went smooth.

Now, I downloaded the x64 6.5.1 updater found here:

This is a file with a .msp extension.

When I launch it, it says, it can’t find the proper msi and it lets me point to the folder containing the 6.5.0 .msi file, but it doesn’t accept it. It always says wong installation or something…

You surely tried to redownload the updater…

multiple times already :wink:

And two kind inquiries to Chris beuermann, left unanswered.

Don’t understand this…

I can’t check my system to see what the install files were exactly, but I’m pretty sure this is just user error.

Firstly understand that you cannot update the msi…the msi is an installer, not a program…so pointing the msp updater to the msi is not going to do anything.

When the msp throws the error & gives you the search option can you only search for msi or can you point it at your Cubase exe??

Maybe try running the 6.5 msi again & then run the 6.5.1 msp?

It looks for the Cubase6_64.msi…

It looks for the Cubase6_64.msi…

Have you absolutely 100% verified that you are already running 6.5?

If it is I would re-install 6.5 & then try the updater again.

Oh…& remember that when 6.5 was released there was a bad installer for early downloaders that had to be replaced…could this be the one the msp is pointing to & not liking?

Right - go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6… (NOT program Files (x86))

And run the executable from there and make sure it is 6.5.

The message you get indicates it is trying to update an earlier version. Perhaps you have the 32-bit version of 6.5 installed but only the 6.05 version of the 64-bit.

I know you said you checked this before, and it sounds like you know what you are doing, but double check anyhow.

You could also for grins try the x32 upgrade.


I actuall ran the x32 6.5.1 updater just for fun, and it said the same as the x64 updater :wink:

Well that blows my whole theory out of the water, now doesn’t it :blush: .

I wonder if it’s a permissions thing. Other than that, maybe try what Grim suggested and re-install 6.5 (maybe redownload it first). Sounds like a registry issue to me, and for some reason the 6.5.1 installer doesn’t think you have 6.5 installed.


I bought the download update to 6.5 in the shop and I don’t know how and where to download it again… There are no more downloads in my asknet account…

My download information is in my account (even though the order is processed by asknet). I live in the US.


I dont see any download information in my shop account… Can’t find any…

I followed the link to the shop in the purchase mail, and clIcked on “downloads” and it said there are none…

i opened a support request ticket, though, as 6.5.1 is a pre-release, I guess I won’t get any support on this. I mean, Chris Beuermann simply ignored my PMs… I really am angry. I’ll have to wait for the official 6.5.2…

Thanks all for your help here :slight_smile:

Support suggested un-, the reinstalling 6.5.0

Uninstalling did not work (same error like when installing 6.5.1)
I simply ran the 6.5.0 installer again and reinstalled everything.

The 6.5.1 installer worked afterwards.