how ARA works with Melodyne

In Reaper, when I instantiate Melodyne, it automatically imports the entire waveform into Melodyne when I open Melodyne. With Nuendo 10, it seems like I still have to hit Transfer and let it play the length of the part and wait for it to read the waveform data. Am I missing something with the ARA functionality? Is there a Nuendo 10 manual?

Isn’t ara coming in the soon coming maintenence updates?
If my memory serves me right it is not in the initial release of N10.

At the time of writing, there is no ARA support in Nuendo/Cubase 10.0.20 … we are all waiting breathlessly over here. Without ARA, you have to “transfer” the section of audio into the Melodyne plugin, with ARA the plugin can “see” the audio in place, a much better workflow.

From the release thread:
More new features coming in free updates 10.1 and 10.2:
• Cuesheet export (Nuendo 10.1 – June 2019)
• ARA support (Nuendo 10.1 – June 2019)
• Video Rendering (Nuendo 10.2 – July 2019)

Ah, ok, thank you. I knew it was coming in a future cubase release, but I missed that it wasn’t yet implemented in Nuendo 10