How are parts linked to the score?

If I have understood rightly, Dorico does not work like Sibelius when it comes to parts linked to the score.
In Sib. one can override things in parts without affecting the score (and partly vice versa).
Here in Dorico the parts are just another layout from what is in the score, so they probably reflect 1:1 what is written in the score.

I have noticed though, that this is not always true. All properties being set individually in the score layout don’t transfer to the parts. To avoid double work and time:
Is there a setting somewhere, where this can be controlled?

Example Gradual Style of dynamics, Brackets and Numbers of Tuplets, probably everything which was handled through an individual override in the score.

At the moment, no - there have been many many threads on this subject, if you’d just take the time to search.

The team have stipulated that they’re working on it, but for now the work has to be repeated in the part layouts.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you get your rules sorted in Layout/Engravinf/Notation Options so that you’re using overrides as little as possible - this will decrease the work that you have to do in multiple layouts.

thank you pianoleo, this makes total sense to me know. Still I am trapped in one specific case - if you want to have a look here:
where I can not fix it.

I’ve responded :slight_smile: