How are you adjusting vocal note length, Audio Warp or VA?

The thought occurred to me that since VA is locked to the “standard” algorithm, maybe it would be better to adjust vocal note timing in the project or sample editor with Elastique instead (leave VA for tuning issues only).

What are people’s thoughts?


As long as VA is used the only possible algo is ‘standard solo’. When you try to change it for warping, Cubase tells you that all VA edits will get lost.
You could bounce inbetween to keep VA edits intact (but no more accessable) and warp with whatever algo sounds best for the file.

For most warp edits I find the default algo (elastique pro - time) sufficient and nearly inaudible (within a certain range of course). I only change it when I don’t like the result or want some artefacts :mrgreen:

Thanks, marQs. Yes, I was thinking of doing all timing edits using Elastique pro-time completely independent of VA (using bounces to keep them apart).

Do you usually follow a practice of doing timing edits and bouncing before tuning edits, vice versa, or no real pattern song-to-song?

Thanks -

Depending on the performance, I start with what needs treatment most. I don’t mind about using the solo standard algo for both timing and tuning without bouncing. When there’s really a hardcore neccessity for tuning I 1. try to get the singer to sing better (some of them are lazy though) or 2. use melodyne instead. 3.: I wonder what kind of a job I’m doing :mrgreen: Here in germany “Änderungsschneiderei” is a good word for it.