how are you Exporting selected tracks for Protools?

I have tried exporting some songs for Protools but I was wondering how others were handling cases when I have (and want to preserve) mono/stereo tracks, as well as original samplerate/bitrates.
I noticed that the Export features don’t seem to allow for export of tracks in a way that maintains their original format, without for example changing all to 16 bit or all to 32 bits. If I have project with 16 bits AND 32 bits I would like to just keep it as is. Same for mono tracks and stereo tracks.


so you have to export your tracks one by one… Or every mono at 16 bit then every mono in 32bit then stereo 16bit and finaly stereo 32bit…

I use a variety of methods depending on what I want. Sometimes I bounce the audio if I know that I want just the raw tracks for a mix in ProTools. Sometimes I now use RIP which allows me to include certain specific insert FX (i.e. Melodyne or a spot insert effects). And finally I would use the Export dialogue, but this I use the least because I’m usually providing raw comped/topped/tailed/tidied/tuned audio for mixing in ProTools.

When I do a bounce or a RIP then I go and change the name of the file in either the Pool or the Info Line (e.g. add ‘PT_Export’ as a prefix) and then I can see it easily in the Audio sub-folder. I then move them into a sub-folder to keep them all together.

I also always use Broadcast Wav files because these then contain the timecode at which the audio file starts, which makes it easy to spot the clips into place in PT. I make sure that my Cubase and ProTools projects have the same timecode origin and settings.


I see, you are really using a lot of different methods.
So it sounds like you mostly aren’t using the Export dialog and instead just handling track by track and using the rename file option to indicate that it’s ready for Pro Tools. No batch process for that!
I’ll have to look more into the Broadcast WAVE format, but it sounds like that is the best method in order to handle smaller audio files, to save space?


If it’s all about raw tracks just select with the range tool (to ensure identical length) and bounce. That way mono/stereo is preserved. If you want to keep bit depth set it to 16 bit before you bounce the original 16 bit events and so on. I wouldn’t bother much and just use 24 bit, presuming none of the events is clipping.