How are you setting your mixdowns?

HI Guys,

I’m setting up some templates for various release formats. I was wondering how your setting up your mixdowns?
Our rooms are all in 7.1 And i would like to keep working in 7.1 and then bounce out various formats on the go. Ofcourse this should be quite easy with a send from the main output bus to a bunch of other output busses. However this gives no control over the mixdown. And has its problems. For example, the overal mix is almost 12 dB softer.

Anyways, it would be great to hear from post fokls that work in surround and have setup templates for their various delivery formats.

Different output busses. For each format another one.
Use Direct routing from groups to busses.
Create Source tracks in Control Room to monitor each individual mix.
When finished, export all busses at once with batch export.


Hi Fredo,
Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried that but then i still dont have control over the mix down.
For example from 7.1 to 5.1 i lose 12 db in the surrounds, but not in the fronts.


Insert Mixer Delay (surround tools), and adjust to the values you need.


Mix convert has this “normalize” function that is on by default. It’s useless, shut it off and you should see your levels come back to life. As Fredo said, adjust to taste and save as a preset.

I am talking about Mixer Delay, not Mix Convert.

And FWIW, MixConvert indeed comes with defaults. But all parameters are fully customizable and can be saved to any preset you like. So it’s just a matter of disabling the “normalize” function and save to a preset.


Fredo, how do the files export with this method (output busses)?

The last time I used multitrack export with a 5.1 group and a stereo group for the folddown, both were exported as 5.1 IIRC.
Does using different outputs result in “proper” polyphonal export?

Merry Christmas everybody :slight_smile:

They export fine, as they should. Using the batch export functionality, flagging the appropriate output busses …

That being said, for bigger projects like movies, TV Shows and other stuff, we usually record the output busses to new tracks. Saves a lot of time …