How are you using the Push Encoder?

I believe I mostly/somewhat understand what the Push Encoder offers. You can send MIDI data when you turn the knob and when you push the knob itself. Correct me if I’m wrong.

How are you using it in your setup? What hardware are you using it with? I am mapping my Ableton Push 2. In general I’m ignoring the push encoder option but I’d like to know how others are doing with this type of user interface component.

Back then (mid 2000’s) on stage I always ignored the push-part of encoders. It was way too easy to accidentally hit it.
But I find it useful in the studio for selecting menu items (like filter types, sound presets etc) and confirming the choice by pushing it.

There are many good use-cases. My favourite is that the push change the behaviour of the knob while pressed. For example the knob is speaker volume and while pressed the knob is headphone volume. Or that the knob goes in to fine tuning while pressed.


With reference to the midi remote editor in Cubase 12
The push encoder is a work in progress, I suggest not using them at the moment. Just use the rotary encoder and a button controller instead.
Reason 1. Currently the push encoder has to be set up manually.No midi recognition yet.
see the little icon in the corner of the push encoder.
No 2 is in order to see what function is assigned to the push function you have to hover the mouse over the push encoder to see what it is set to.
Hope this makes sense…
And I use the push encoders to change midi record modes as this scrolls thru the settings and you get visual feedback on the transport bar. Note … You have to have these set up to show on your transport bar.Any function where you have visual feedback in cubase, so you know what status you are in. e.g switching pre roll on off.