How best to create a Krechts ornament

The Krechts ornament, common in Jewish traditional Klezmer music, is often notated as a grace note appearing after the main note and joined to it by a slur. I’ve attached an example image.
Would appreciate some advice on how best to notate this in Dorico.


Enter it as a grace note.
On D3.5 you would then toggle the slash property. On D4 you can now set the grace note input to be without slashes.

Add the grace note before the second G, Then simply select the first G and the grace and use a slur.


The point being you can’t add graces after a note in Dorico, but this works OK.

And if you find the grace note looks too close to the following note, you can move it back in Engrave mode and the slur follows with it.

Thanks Janus, Andro and Mark for your suggestions.
This is a good solution, especially as I’m not too concerned how the playback sounds.

Having never had to move individual notes before in Dorico, it was quite easy to do, and achieves the appearance I was looking for: with the grace note close up to the first quaver, and joined with a slur.